Italy Travel Planning and Itinerary Consulting


Curious about an Italian (food-fueled) vacation and need some advice? We can help!

The founder of Curious Appetite, Coral Sisk, has spent close to 15 years traveling and living in Italy, in addition to running our highly curated gourmet experiences in Florence, Bologna and around Tuscany. She travels around the boot in search of the best food and drink. Having accumulated years on the ground, she has built a network of trusted experts, farms, wineries, sommeliers, guides and more.

Coral personally provides all travel planning and itinerary consulting services. Whether you need a call to sort your ideas, or have an itinerary in place and would like help putting the pieces together, or would like us to put together a self-guided culinary food & wine adventure- we are here to help you carve out a delicious experience in Italy.

We can arrange virtually any vision you have- contact us today!

HOW IT WORKS: Send us an inquiry with what you’re looking for: travel planning, itinerary advice, personalized food-centric itineraries, wine tastings with local sommeliers, restaurant advice/bookings, self-guided tours (i.e. if you have a car and would like to visit wineries around Tuscany or Sicily, or parmigiano-reggiano and cured meat producers in the Emilia-Romagna).

COSTS: Each request is unique and requires a personalized quote. Services start at $95 per consult and increase depending on # of days, phone time, itinerary/planning or self-guided tour assistance. Self-guided tours start at $150 per tour and depend on complexity (i.e. city or countryside), requests and group size. If you book one (or more) of our guided tours or experiences in Florence, Bologna or around Tuscany as part of your consult, some or all of the consulting fees will be waived.

INCLUSIONS: Each consult involves unique pieces, generally we provide phone time, booking services, curated PDF itineraries, insider travel intel, exclusive access to various culinary activities, personalized tasting menus, on-the-ground support etc.